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grow new hair in just 6 minutes a day without the hassle and expense of a Hair Transplant

We get it… HAIR LOSS SUCKS! Believe me… we’ve been there and we know how it feels. The embarrassment, the low self-esteem, and the lack of confidence. Hair loss just plain sucks. And we know you don’t want to drop $15,000 on a hair transplant. Who could blame you? That’s a serious chunk of change! Not everyone has that kind of money.

Luckily, we have the answer you’ve been searching for. That’s why we’re so excited to offer you an amazing hair restoration option that’s convenient, won’t break the bank and delivers real long-lasting results.

Introducing… the Capillus Laser Hair Restoration System.

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the Capillus laser cap WILL HELP YOU

stop balding and regrow lost hair

With Capillus You'll Be Able To:

Regrow lost hair without embarrassment, scaring, or downtime.

Treat your hair loss discreetly under any hat of your choice.

Wear for just a few minutes each day. That’s the time it takes to drink your morning coffee. Additionally, you can use it at home or on the go.

​​Regrow your own real, natural hair without drugs or side-effects.

Save thousands of dollars off the cost of a hair transplant.

Free shipping anywhere in the United States

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WHY we started offering capillus rx 312

We noticed that many people who experienced balding and thinning hair were unable to afford the cost of a hair transplant procedure. After all, even the best prices on FUT and FUE transplants can start at $10,000 and go well past $20,000! Clearly, this type of surgery is unobtainable for a vast majority of hair loss sufferers.

That's exactly why we started Laser Cap Me and began offering the prescription-grade Capillus RX 312 laser hair restoration system. It's a fraction of the cost and patients can experience amazing results in just 6 minutes a day! Best of all... you can start regrowing your lost hair from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It's a win-win for everyone!

Take control of your hair loss now!

Restore your hair, your Style, and your confidence

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Capillus laser therapy is a physician-recommended, FDA-cleared treatment clinically proven to regrow thinning hair and prevent further progression of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (pattern balding).

In only 6 minutes of use per day, Capillus laser therapy caps utilize safe, low-level lasers to stimulate, energize, and renew cells within the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair.

REMEMBER - This is a physician only laser device, not consumer grade! In other words, this is the highest grade LLLT device available and best of all, it's made right here in the U.S.A!


At Laser Cap Me, we know that actions speak louder than words. We take our role in your hair restoration journey seriously. We highly value our customers and their opinions.

John - Flagstaff, AZ

“You helped me achieve absolutely amazing results! My hair is so much thicker and dense. People constantly remark that I look so much better!”

Jennifer - Beverly Hills, CA

“I didn’t know what to do about my thinning hair. Then I found Capillus from Laser Cap Me. Goodbye hats and scarves, hello sunshine and freedom!”

Samuel - Chicago, IL

“I simply couldn’t believe the results I got! I feel great! I’m so glad I found Laser Cap Me and gave them a go before I lost even more of my hair.”


Our guarantee to you is that you will not find a higher quality laser hair restoration device than the Capillus RX 312 anywhere online. We offer higher grade devices than other laser cap resellers because our clinic Best Hair Transplant is authorized to prescribe them.

But there's more. We guarantee you won't find a better price on a new prescription-grade Capillus RX 312 anywhere online. Period! That's because we want to get this incredible tool into the hands of everyone possible. If you can't afford a hair transplant, you have another option to stop your hair loss in its tracks and regrow your lost hair. A less expensive option. That's why we offer the Capillus RX 312 for $1,000 less than other authorized dealers.

However, you have to act now. We're only offering this $1,000 discount for a limited time. Normally, to receive this discount, we require participation in our Before & After study. But not right now! Get the discount and get on with your life. Start your hair growth journey today without any further commitments.


Free shipping anywhere in the United States

A $3,500 Value for only $2,500!

The Best Price on Capillus Rx 312

With Laser Cap Me, you really will save $1,000 off the cost of a new Cappillus RX 312 laser cap. Seriously! Go ahead and look around. We dare you!

Laser Cap Me prides itself on offering the best prices on Capillus 312. To accomplish this task, we happily offer a $1,000 discount off the retail price of the Capillus 312 laser cap so hair restoration isn't just accessible to the wealthy. In other words, you’ll get the physician-exclusive Capillus 312 for the price of the Capillus 272. And remember, the Capillus 312 RX is only available from clinics like Best Hair Transplant and authorized online retailers like Laser Cap Me.

Again, this is the highest grade US-made LLLT device you can get. And you going to be saving $1,000 off the prices of the prescription-grade laser cap that’s not available on Amazon or eBay.

If you have any questions at all or you'd like to speak with our physician before purchase, please call us at (213) 403 - 0455 for a free consultation.

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